Electric BabyCradle

I made a 3D-printed appliance for a low rotating 12V Motor to move the Baby cradle up and down.. It works. The baby is finally sleeping :)


A lifetime project of mine started over 12 years ago, evolving ever since.


Hang Drums are awesome instruments. I built a MIDI interface for mine.


The hackerspaceshop is a webshop i run to sell custom made electronics and DIY kits.


Same functionality as the big Blinkenrocet, but half the size!
This Kit comes SMD preassembled.

Der Zerhacker

A tool i built for the production of the Blinkenrocket kits.
It cuts SMD parts from their wheels and color encodes them.


It is my parametric 3D design software of choice and almost everything i do with 3D-printing starts in OpenSCAD.


One of the 3D-printed designes that i illuminate with the usblinky.
Designed with OpenSCAD


A small microcontroller (ATTINY85) inside a USB connector to drive WS2811/12/13 Leds. I used this in some of my smaller Led sart projects

Uranium 2.0

U238 inside a glass marble. Add some UV leds and a microcontroller and gaze at the beauty of fluorescence.

Uranium 1.0

I spent too much time on this project, but i like it a lot.
This is iteration #5 out of 9.

Arcligthter Plasma Mod

I replaced the original MCU on a chinese Plasma Lighter with a PIC and a custom firmware to play sound using the plasma


A very good game built on low-cost hardware based around ESP8266, Raspberry Pi and Open Source software


A project one of my students built. It is super shiny. Thank you Elias!


A modded Lamp that runs on a 5V usb powerbank. Beautiful in hot summer nights.


A beautiful artsy installation i did at the metalab hackspace some years ago.

Fume extractor

A 3D-printed part, 2 Ventilators, and a piece of fume-hood inlay made of active cole.
Very handy while soldering, cost me 5,- instead of >100,- for a commercial solution.

WS2801 Raspberry Pi Bridge

Control WS2801 adressable Leds from Raspberry Pi.
This was the first electronics project i ever developed usind PCB design software.

Blinkenschild 1

A transportable sign with 960 leds to carry around.
It has Bluetooth support and an Android App chris made for it.

Blinkenschild 2

>3000 leds and much lighter than the first Blinkenschild.
Runs on a Raspberry Pi 3 and features WiFi connection and Twitter integration.


A glassbrick wall @ metalab.at with integrated leds and a web interface.


I like the CCC a lot.
Contributing at the Hardware Hacking Area since some years.


An old neontube enclosure, adressable leds and 2 Buttons to indicate the current mood at the metalab.


Our fridge at the metalab had an integrated led matrix and a webinterface.
Later on we got twitter integration and some other features.

Hacker Surprise Vending Machine

I got an old Cigarette Vending machine for free and got it to the metalab.
We modified the front, added a display with touchscreen and replaced the cigarettes with Arduinos and other gadgets one needs frequently.


This Iris box was designed and lazzzored at the metalab.
When you approached the metalab door it would open up and a video of an eye goggling at you was shown.


We got a Lasercutter at the metalab and I learned everything one can learn about this machines.
I repaired it several times, dismantled it, calibrated it and built an authentication system for it.


We built this cool Lightceiling at the emtalab Audiokammerl with an AWESOME lightswitch.
You could set each channels (RGB) value with rotary knows and it would display the current value on a VFD tube.
Wizard made most of the software and Hadrware, I just added some eastereggs and took care of the physical installation.


I do it sometimes. I am not very good at it, but it is a very cool feeling to open a lock without a matching key.

Blue Led Matrix

3456 blue leds. Hand soldered. Custom electronics.
A behemoth of a project i would not ever repeat.
Check out this video.

Metalock 1

The old authentication / door lock system at the metalab.

Metalock 2

The new authentication / door lock system at the metalab.

Magic Shifter 3000

Wizard built this, I helped with production in china, financing and online sales.


I LOVE being outside.
(Il)legal camping, small bonfires in the evening, the stars, the trees..


I modded this old dialphone with an RFM69 Radio.
When you call the right number something is triggered remotely.

Teletext / Remote Control

Some folks at metalab built a Teletext with Rasoberry Pi.
We had no remote control for the old TV so i built one from IR leds and an arduino.


3D-Printed Structure that floats on 4 strings.
Fiddly setup but pretty cool once it floats.


A new Light installation at the metalab.
I made a custom firmware for H801 controllers to support ARTnet and installed 12 Umbrellas with RGBW ledstrips.


You can extract the colors from skittles in vodka.
Made this as a birthday present for a friend.
It did not taste very good, but it looked nice.